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English Darby/Founder and Visionary

English Darby is a devoted Christian woman, guided by faith and driven by a passion for serving others. With a heart dedicated to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ, she seeks to be a light of love, compassion, and grace in her community and beyond.


As a woman of faith, English finds her strength and purpose in her relationship with God. She cherishes her time of prayer and devotion, seeking spiritual growth and seeking God's guidance in every aspect of her life.


Grounded in the Scriptures, English actively engages in her local church, participating in various ministries. Her love for worship and fellowship brings her joy as she connects with other believers in a spirit of unity and support.


Throughout her journey, English has faced challenges, relying on God's grace to overcome obstacles and find hope in difficult times. She believes that her trials have shaped her into the woman she is today, empowering her to extend empathy and understanding to others facing their own struggles.


As a mother, English embraces the joy of family life and prioritizes nurturing strong bonds with her loved ones. She endeavors to raise her children with a foundation of faith, instilling in them the values of love, kindness, and integrity.


English enjoys engaging with others through Christian fellowship, where she seeks to encourage and inspire fellow women in their faith journeys. She looks forward to connecting with fellow Christian women and walking alongside them as they grow in their faith and embrace the love of Christ in their lives.

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Kimberly MacNeill/Keynote Speaker

Prepare to be captivated and inspired by the remarkable journey offered by Kimberly MacNeill, a truly extraordinary speaker and author whose life's calling is to ignite the spiritual flame within. With an unwavering commitment to guiding women and a profound gift of discernment, she radiates as a beacon of inspiration for those yearning for a deeper connection with Christ and a more profound sense of community.


What sets Kimberly apart is her remarkable ability to engage and motivate, which stems from her deep understanding of the Word of God. Her teaching style is profoundly influential and captivating, ensuring that those she guides can embrace the promises of Christ with remarkable depth and clarity.


Going beyond her teaching expertise, Kimberly's exceptional gift lies in making the Word of God accessible to individuals of all ages. She possesses the rare talent of unraveling complex spiritual concepts in a manner that resonates with and is easily understood by everyone. Furthermore, Kimberly is an accomplished storyteller, masterfully weaving her own experiences into her messages, thereby vividly illustrating profound biblical truths. This unique approach adds depth and relatability to her teachings, making her a beloved and effective communicator.


Kimberly's vision is crystal clear: to lead the lost to be found, empower the found to be fulfilled, and inspire the fulfilled to be faithful, fervently loving God and people. She strives to cultivate a sense of community and belonging that resonates with all. Meeting and learning from Kimberly is an opportunity for profound spiritual growth, the deepening of your connection with Christ, and the enhancement of your sense of community and belonging. For additional insights into Kimberly, please visit her website at

Kim Tschirret/Breakout Speaker

Kim has 20 years of executive management experience in sports marketing, advertising, and brand promotion, including managing the popular toy franchise, Thomas the Tank Engine. She also managed the marketing activities of several high-profile. start-up companies in the Triangle region in North Carolina that were purchased and went public during the dot-com boom in the late ‘90s. This business and entrepreneurial experience prepared Kim well for her future endeavor in building one of the most successful equine mentorship ministries in the country.


Hope Reins, founded in 2010, was born out of Kim’s love for kids and horses as well as her first- hand knowledge of living as a child of abuse and trauma. Her own story of hope and healing started in her childhood, when she struggled to find love and acceptance in a household marred by alcoholism. A bright spot in her life was her faithful horse, with whom she found unconditional love, comfort, and safety. Kim’s story has come to fruition at Hope Reins, where her team has helped more than 2,000 kids find their own hope and healing. Kim has been featured in various national publications including Focus on the Family and has been a guest on podcasts such as Nothing is Wasted, Treasured Ministries and Grace Enough.


In 2020, Kim was recognized as one of the Triangle Business Journal’s Women in Business Award winners. The program recognizes Triangle-area women who have proven to be dynamic and outstanding leaders with established track records of significant accomplishments in business and/or community service.


She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, Mike, and two kids, Chance and Isabel.

Kristie Disbrow/Breakout Speaker

Kristie Disbrow's story unfolds from the heart of West Virginia, where she was born as the eldest of three siblings. Her journey led her to Raleigh in 1986, where she completed her high school education. In 1994, she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in secondary education, embarking on a four-year teaching career in Raleigh. In 1998, she married Jason, and together they embarked on a new chapter in Southport. Their family expanded with the births of their sons, Hogan in 2000 and Ford in 2004. Amidst her roles as a devoted wife and mother, Kristie discovered her true calling in volunteering and supporting various community initiatives.


In 2010, Kristie's life underwent a profound transformation when she founded Matthew's Ministry. What began as a modest effort, serving a single child at one school, has blossomed into a life-altering endeavor. Today, Matthew's Ministry touches the lives of 550 children every weekend across 17 Brunswick County schools, ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry.


Matthew's Ministry, a 501(c)3 public charity established in 2010, stands as a testament to Kristie's unwavering commitment to Christ and community. This non-profit organization is wholeheartedly dedicated to ending childhood hunger and currently provides essential food resources to hundreds of children in Brunswick County living in food-insecure households. Backpack programs operate in 17 different schools throughout the county, ensuring that the weekly backpacks of nonperishable food items reach the homes of children, ensuring they have enough to eat during evenings and weekends. Furthermore, Matthew's Ministry collaborates closely with social workers in Brunswick County to address sustenance needs identified during home visits with children.


Her life beautifully reflects the teachings of Christ through her unwavering commitment to ending hunger and nurturing her community. Kristie Disbrow is not merely deserving of respect; she is an abundant source of inspiration, a dedicated disciple of Christ, and an exceptional community leader."


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Chris Howard/Breakout Speaker

After talking about living at the beach for many years, Chris Howard and her husband Jim became grateful residents of Southport, North Carolina in 2019 and are active members of Beach Road Baptist Church. Her life verse, which she chose when she was seven years old is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Chris remembers in the early years of her marriage attending church and looking around at the couples who looked so happy wishing to be like them. Now, people tell her that they want the kind of relationship that she and her husband have. This is not something that happened overnight and while the hope of marriage is… and they lived happily ever after, that’s just not the way marriage really works. Life is hard.


Here’s reality…Chris was a teenager when she got married. She was pregnant on her wedding day. She and her husband have battled financial issues, disease, loss, temptation, expectation issues, and demons from the past. She’s wrestled with people’s well-intentioned, but bad advice. Through it all, with Jesus’ help, Chris and her husband have seen marriage through the bad and very bad, and today, can say it’s very good! Chris has a passion to encourage and equip married women to create a stronger bond with their husbands. She is truly living proof that love can be reignited with the help of Jesus!

Amber Parrott/Breakout Speaker

Amber Parrott is more than a speaker; she radiates inspiration, serving as a guiding light in Christ-centered community. In her role as the Pastoral Ministries Assistant at Foundations Church in Williamsburg, VA, Amber exemplifies the significance of community in the life of a Christian. Her journey has been defined by a profound commitment to nurturing faith and strengthening the bonds of fellowship among believers.


Amber's wisdom and insights are a wellspring of inspiration, providing practical guidance for nurturing healthy and meaningful connections. Her message is a gentle reminder that with Christ at the center, our friendships can not only bear fruit but also be a source of joy and personal growth.


Come alongside Amber in her enlightening breakout sessions to delve deeper into the topics of 'Cultivating Friendship with Christ' and 'The Impact of our Relationship with God on our Friendships.

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Alanna McCue-Gomes/Breakout Speaker

Alanna McCue-Gomes was born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia. She grew up in the church and has a passion for the arts. Over the years, Alanna has been involved with children’s worship, youth worship, and has led worship with her brother, Jesse. She has participated in the Potomac Youth Network Fine Arts Festival for singing and human video, as well as the musical production of The Living Passover that was hosted at Crosswalk Community Church. After graduating with her Associate of Science degree, Alanna planned to transfer to a four year university to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences to become a nuclear medicine technologist. All her plans changed when the Holy Spirit asked her to sing again and enroll in Calvary Chapel’s School of Worship online program that is based in Costa Mesa, California. As it happens, the radiology program she was applying to at the time was placed on probation and not able to accept any incoming students. By the grace of God, Alanna completed the first year of School of Worship in May 2023. Alanna came to the Flourish luncheon in March 2023 to support her friend, Amber, who was a speaker at the event. To her surprise, God had bigger plans. After connecting with amazing women and meeting English, the founder of Flourish, she was invited to be a part of the Flourish committee. This is her first speaking event. She is excited to connect, encourage, and remind the daughters of the most high King that all things are possible with God.

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Elaine Ledbetter/Group Activity Leader

Elaine was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island. She went to a Catholic boarding School for the first 8 years, then attended high school in Fayetteville, NC. Elaine and her family moved to Anchorage, Alaska. She met her husband, Don, in 1967, married in 1968 and have been together ever since. They have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. She received Jesus as her Savior in 1973 and has been through many valleys. In 2003, she went on her first mission trip to Nicaragua. Don and Elaine were paralyzed by the poverty they witnessed but they soon saw God in motion. God showed her how to look straight into their eyes and see their joy and sadness. There, He also showed her what faith was all about, and being true to who she is in Christ Jesus.

Jenny Peterson/Group Activity Leader

“Beautiful design is everywhere- from the swirling lines of a fingerprint to the stunning colors of a sunset; in the striking patterns of a butterfly wing to the rough texture of a sandy beach. Drawing inspiration from God’s creation around me…I create! I love using my talents to help others see the magnitude of the glory of God and His little details."


After twenty years of homeschooling, Jenny Peterson is at a transitional point in her life. She realized that, in her busyness, she had lost connection with God, others and a sense of purpose. As a lifelong learner and creative person, she seeks intimacy with God as He leads her into new adventures. A freelancing graphic designer, Jenny resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband of 33 years and 5 of her 6 kids (some too young to move out and some too comfortable).

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