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Saturday Breakout Sessions

Session 1 (11:00 - 12:00)
From Pain to Purpose: God can redeem your story!

God can redeem your painful past. Come learn from Kim Tschirret, Founder and CEO of Hope Reins, about the pain of her childhood, when she struggled to find love and acceptance in a household marred by alcoholism. Kim’s purpose has come to fruition through Hope Reins, where her team has helped thousands of kids find hope and healing through their nationally recognized equine mentorship program. 
Kim has been featured in various publications including Focus on the Family and has been a guest on podcasts such as Nothing is Wasted, Treasured Ministries and Grace Enough.
Kim Tschiret
Kristie Disbrow
Living a 50:20 Life

Genesis 50:20 is one of the most powerful verses in the Bible. It states. " You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good. “ How do you handle life when tough things come your way? We will examine the life of Joseph and discover practical principles we can use when life doesn't turn out how we thought it would. These principles will enable us to trust the sovereign hand of God to bring glory out of situations that the enemy hoped would harm us.
Alanna McCue-Gomes
Teacups of Remembrance: How your identity affects your intimacy with God

You are invited to a heavenly tea party. The Lord has reserved a spot at the table with your name on it.The Lord has done great things and the Lord wants to do great things through you. Do you believe it? You are no longer an orphan, but a child of God. God wants to remind His daughters who they are and whose they are. Our identity comes from God alone. If you don’t believe, you will be deceived. Comeboldly before the throne of grace. Will you accept the invitation?
Creating Mutual Vulnerability in Marriage

Why is it so hard for our husbands to be vulnerable with us? Why is it difficult for him to be the soft space that you need? Whether we like it or not, it’s not natural for a man to be vulnerable with anyone, even his wife. And forcing the issue can only make it harder for him to understand what you need. 
Join Chris Howard as she discusses finding ways to create mutual vulnerability so that you both get what’s necessary to create a healthy and vibrant relationship which can make the difference between a good and great marriage.
Chris Howard
Session 2 (2:15 - 3:15)
Kim Tschirett
Healing Trauma through Horses: a Solution for the Mental Health Crisis

​​According to current statistics, we are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis for kids and teens. With an increase in suicide, depression and anxiety, what can we do as adults to be a safe place for a young person? How can we help a child heal from trauma and crisis? And why is resilience vital to a childor teens long term health and success?
Learn more from Kim Tschirret, Founder & CEO of Hope Reins, an equine mentorship program in Raleigh, North Carolina that has a solution and has helped thousands of kids and teens go from trauma to resilience.
Amber Parrott
The Nearness of God: Cultivating Friendship with Christ

How do you draw near to the God of the Universe? How do we learn to open up to a Lord and Savior who is also a friend? In this session, Amber describes practical steps we can take to deepen our intimacy in our relationship with Christ 
Alanna McCue-Gomes
I Love You Immeasurably More: Receiving God's Love through Surrender

God sees you. He doesn’t just love you, but He likes you. The Lord’s desire is to spend time with you. As women, we give out so much of ourselves that we don’t know how to receive. Maybe you shy away from receiving God’s love because you’re wearing robes of shame and guilt. The Lord wants to give you a robe of righteousness. God is asking His daughters to open their hands and their hearts to freely receive His love.
Session 3 (3:45 - 4:45)
Kim Tschirett
How Do You Know God is Calling You?

In this empowering talk, the speaker emphasizes that all Christ followers have a unique calling from God, and it may evolve and change through various stages of life. Kim will shares practical steps to help the 
audience walk confidently in their individual callings, regardless of their current life stage.
Amber Parrott
Friend of a Friend: How our Relationship with God Impacts Your Friendships with Others

We are not designed to live life alone, but friendship can be messy. Community can be challenging. What does scripture say about friendship, and how does our connection to God impact our connection to others? 
Join Amber as she discusses how a right relationship with God leads to health in all other relationships.
Alanna McCue-Gomes
Planting Promises

You are a flower planted in the garden of the Lord, and it’s your time to BLOOM! The Holy Spirit wants to usher you back to His sanctuary of safety where you can take refuge under the wings of the Almighty. If we aren’t running to God, then what are we running to instead? God is calling His daughters to come home. 
Join us while we learn how to allow the Lord to tend to the garden of our heart by uprooting lies, planting promises, and taking the hand of the Father as he guides us into deeper intimacy with Him. You hold the promises of God in the palms of your hands!
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